Ross Bleckner, Peter Cain, Carroll Dunham, Judith Eisler, Jane Hammond, Albert Oehlen, Jack Pierson, Julian Trigo, Juan Usle, Christopher Wool

Galleri K

September 1 – October 1, 1995

Carrera #4


Oil on linen

58 x 70 inches; 147 x 177 cm

Having been encouraged by the interest that had been expressed in our previous exhibition on the occasion of hte 1994 Olymic Games last year, we are pleased to present this year's Autumn Exhibition 1995 comprised of ten foreign artists. 


We are most grateful to Roland Augustine of Luhring Augustine Gallery in New York without whom this exhibition could not have been possible. 

We also wish to express our gratitutde to Max Hetzler, Berlin, Antonio Homem of Sonnabend Gallery, New York, and Soledad Lorenzo, Madrid for helping us secure loans from the artists.


Finally we wish to extend our special thanks to the artists for their generous contributions and cooperation in helping us realized this exhibition.